Tom Ford Métallique


Tom Ford Métallique

Eau de Parfum

Forgiato con elegante brillantezza, Tom Ford Métallique ipnotizza i suoi ammiratori con un lampo pulsante di Femminilità moderna e risoluta, ostinata, luminosa e in piena fioritura.





Tom Ford – Métallique

Forged with elegant brilliance, Tom Ford Métallique mesmerizes his admirers with a pulsating flash of resolute, obstinate, luminous, and in full bloom, modern Femininity. A shimmering armor of addictive Aldehydes envelops its reverberating core of sensual white flowers, like a metal Venus among flowers.

Like an embroidered armored dress, the metallic sheath of lighter than air Aldehydes opens the scent like a second skin, the collision of crisp Vert de Bergamote and Pink Pepper in grains, further reinforcing the insatiability of the first impression.

Under its cold patina, the floral heart of Métallique is amplified by the juxtaposition of delicate White Eggplant and Lily of the Valley flowers with the narcotic nectar of Heliotrope.

An aura of Ambrette seeds transmits warmth with woody inflections of Balsam of Peru. The soft vanilla scent and creamy layer of Sandalwood create a compelling and contrasting finish that further guides the metallic adaptation of the opening.


Olfactory Family: Aldehyde Floral

  • Top: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Pink Pepper
  • Heart: Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope
  • Base: Ambrette Seeds, Balsam of Peru, Vanilla, Sandalwood



Peso N/A
Formato (ml)

100 ml, 50 ml


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